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The Home Blessings is the premier outreach of the Family Apostolate. At the Home Blessings,

  • The priest visits the family, accompanied by volunteers of the Family Apostolate.
  • The priest blesses the home, a beautiful way of sanctifying the dwelling place of God's children and reasserting the presence of God.
  • We introduce or reaffirm the critical practice of praying together as a family.
  • We teach children the importance of family prayer.
  • We provide families the opportunity to share their faith stories invoking the gentle presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
  • We make family prayer both natural and simple by forming fellowship and friendship.
  • We leave families with memorable sacramental images and gift bags.
  • We provide opportunities for families to share the Scripture in an uplifting manner.

The Home Blessings take place in the fall, but is open at other times pending the availability of the priest.