Fun with homeschool

The Family Apostolate had wonderful moments with the homeschool kids in Pasadena and their families on Friday, May 20th. The big family house of the Brusch was filled to the brim with over thirty kids aged 3-9 swarming round Fr. Vin. These kids were full of life, actively engaging and happy to mingle with the priest.

The gathering started with praying the rosary. The homeschool kids took up decades one after the other with sterling confidence. They put up different intentions ranging from parents, government, the sick, teachers, priests to anything one could think of. They presented flowers to the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the prayers went on. The window of their attention lasted more than expected as they learnt a song and volunteered to sing both in groups and individually.

The blast took place after the prayers. They roared outside for recreational activities. They drove the priest to the top of the trampoline swinging and singing. Fr. Vin tried to contend the pace and stamina of these kids but it was fun all the way. We all stumbled on each other and rose without hurts.

One big lesson is the joy and inspiration which being with the kids brought to me. It made me feel much younger than I am. I couldn't imagine having such fun with peers and colleagues. The exuberance and innocence of the kids kept me flowing for those uninterrupted four hours. I couldn't think of my phone. I never rembered Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or phone calls for those gleeful moments. For the kids, it was a splendid moment. They took turns to define the meaning of being priest for me- "one who celebrates mass, heals sick people, prays always, gives them first Eucharist, wears collar always". Now they can feel the priest as human being who can joke and be happy with them too.

About eight of these lovely kids raised their hands to indicate they would love to be priests. We'll see how that goes. I'll love to be with these kids anytime.