Dec. 10, 2016

Christ the King Church marks Feast of Immaculate Conception in style


The presence of two children’s choirs gave the 2016 Feast of Immaculate Conception at the Glen Burnie parish a unique outlook. The event which was organized by the Family Apostolate witnessed performances from the Family Mass Choir at Monsignor Slade and the Saint Philomena Homeschool choir from Ellicott City both in Maryland. The children added glamor to the Feast.

While the Family Mass choir rendered the English Marian hymns, the Homeschool kids of Saint Philomena provided special Latin chants, Eucharistic hymns and special Marian songs which made the evening colorful. Clad in their black and white uniforms, the kids appeared as if set for a performance at the Vatican arena. Parents and families who attended the event were thrilled.

The Immaculate Conception is a catholic feast which celebrates the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on December 8th annually. The 2016 celebration was held at the Church of Crucifixion. It provided an opportunity for the parish community to pray together before Christ exposed on the altar and to celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary who was conceived without original sin. The Catholic church teaches that as the Mother of Christ, Mary was uniquely prepared to be holy and spotless from birth. She received special grace and favors from God for the incarnation of Christ to take place through her.

To mark this annual solemnity at Glen Burnie, the Family Apostolate usually organizes special events which brings the parishioners together in prayer. For the 2016 celebration, kids played an extraordinary role. Other than the singing, the kids brought the petition basket to the altar. The children also led the cutting of the Marian cake. The congregation lined up for a candle-lit living rosary, followed by a talk on Mary and a benediction at the end.