Apr. 8, 2016

Networking Spiritual Relationships

Home blessing creates networks of relationships.

1. Volunteers: Volunteers include ladies and men who give in their time and energy to the family apostolate. They network in two ways:

1)      Assistance to the families

2)      Assistance to the priest

Assisting the Family

Volunteers are present to the family members, listening to them and asking questions.  During the visit, they make host families feel at ease.  Many families are nervous initially about having a priest visit and don’t know what to expect regarding a home blessing.  Volunteers also assist them in prayer.  The job of the volunteer is to pray and help make the visit run smoothly.

Assisting the Priest

Volunteers are very present to the priest as well, anticipating what he might need.  An active, prayerful presence is the most important job of volunteers. The volunteers participate/lead in the prayers when requested by the priest. Volunteers also take photos diligently. This includes staged photos as well as spontaneous photos taken during prayers and the blessings. 

Praying for Volunteer’s Family:

A volunteer who participates in praying for others in turn prays for himself/herself. Volunteers lead the priest to bless the homes, they in turn pray for their families by sacrificing their time, energy and personal needs. Christ sent his disciples out with the words, “Anyone who welcomes a prophet because he is a prophet will have a prophet’s reward…” (Matt.10:41).

During the home blessing, a network of friendship is initiated. The priest networks with families and volunteers in the blessing. Volunteers form a network of friends who come together subsequently to pray for families. Families also network with both priest and volunteers.