The more prayers, the more unity

Apr. 7, 2016

The primary role of a couple is to support each other. While the husband supports his wife, the wife, in turn supports her husband. That is the basic law of marriage. One great source for couples to support one another is through prayer.

Very often, the daily grind of tight schedules can make spousal support difficult. What happens? They can become estranged from each other. Couples can become like two ships passing in the night, losing intimacy. Home blessings help couple rediscover this intimacy. Home blessings emphasize the beauty of prayer in the life of couples.  For couples who have been praying together, home blessings strengthen and encourage them. For couples who have not been praying together, home blessings introduce them to the inexhaustible benefits of prayer. Home blessings simplify prayer for couples in a way that they understand that it could be incorporated into the daily routine of their family life. Home blessings make couples appreciate the need to share sacred moments together.  Couples learn to not only pray together but to share their stories in a new  and God inspired way. They discover their profound time to connect with and share their stories of their spiritual journey with children.