Aug. 2, 2016

Five ways to overcome fear in Christian faith

"Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid" (Matt.14:28)

Jesus speaks directly to the heart of Peter in this powerful statement above. "Courage", he tells him. He makes Peter understand the reason to be courageous thus, "It is I". If it is the Lord as he reminds Peter, then it is important to establish the need to eliminate any threats against his courage. Thus he reassures Peter with the words, "Do not be afraid".

Jesus is aware that we all walk in tough and difficult circumstances. As in the above passage, our family is sometimes tossed around by storms. Our family life is "hard pressed by rough waves" from head-wind. Our family feels uncomfortable in the "watch of the night" due to sickness and failure. Our family faces tumultous times- poverty, unemployment, disagreements, death, addiction, etc. All these threaten our christian base. We want to come to Christ but often times are distracted. We want to grow spiritually but are scared of the reality of healing and forgiveness. We get close to God yet lose focus. The pains we bear make us afraid.

Jesus speaks to us today. He tells us how not to follow him, "Do not be afraid". Fear is the greatest enemy in our Christian journey. It is the easiest weapon the devil uses. Fear makes us lose faith. It focuses us on the devil and not on God. It diminishes the invincible power of Christ to save. Fear blindfolds us from reaching our divine destination.

Like Peter, let's recognize the enemy that is fear in our lives and in our family.

But what can you do to overcome fear? 

-Remind yourself constantly that you are a child of God.

-Reach out to a strong christian partner or friend.

-Rebuke the object of your fear.

-Get together as family, emphasisze the greatness of God.

-Stretch out your hand to Jesus in prayer; "Lord, save me!"

May you never give in to fear!