Jul. 26, 2016

Saints Joachim and Anne, the golden gift of parents and grandparents

Saints Joachim and Anne are the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the maternal grandparents of Jesus. Their Feast reminds us of the value of family and extended family life. In them, history gives us an account of a holy couple who infused wisdom, love, compassion and mercy into their family. Through them, we gain the favors which flow from the Holy Family of Bethlehem.

Saints Joachim and Anne remind us of the importance of generations in family life. Parents and Grandparents are special gifts. They embody wisdom. They serve as great role models, and as Pope Benedict XVI says, "Parents and grandparents often share experiences that build family values, cultural identity, and display the abundance of God's love for his children" (Angelus, July 26, 2009).

Parents and grandparents have to constantly realize that they are special gifts in the family. Children look to parents always as their primary role models. They expect love and care but also truth and commitment. The saints Joachim and Anne are strong examples of the influence of parents and grandparents on their children. They sowed good seeds in their family, and the entire humanity is benefitting from their commitment.

What should parents and grandparents learn through this feast?

-Parents and grandparents serve as primary role models to children in the family

-Children are constantly looking up to them as standards of moral, cultural and spiritual values.

-The impacts they make on their children affect the larger society.

-Generations to come benefit from either the good fruits or bad legacies left behind by parents and grandparents.

Let's sow good fruits in our homes and families. 

May Saints Joachim and Anne intercede for us.